As the Guardian of Light who is tasked with lighting up the world, you can channel your own magic by dressing up as a witch, or wrap yourself in the cursed bandages of a mummy to scare away your shadowy enemies! Last year's Halloween outfit has also been resurrected from the dead, with the glowing jack-o-lantern head and haunted house dress now available again for players who missed it the first time around. 

Apart from the Halloween goodies, players can also see improvements to the guild system. Global guild rankings now allow you to see how well your guild is doing compared to others. Turtie levels add more damage, allowing you to take down Tartarus faster! 

Dressing up isn't limited to just Halloween either, as this update introduces a brand new seasonal dress crafting system! A new outfit will be introduced every week, where you can craft it to immediately gain three outfit levels, providing a powerful boost to your wardrobe. If you miss the first week, you will still be able to craft the outfit without the level bonus for one more week before it goes out of season. Stick around for long enough, though, and you may see it cycle back in again. We're opening the seasonal shop with a swashbuckling pirate outfit, so make sure you snag it in time for Halloween! 

Let's party and light up the night with your spooky new outfits. Play Light a Way now!


In idle clicker Crab War, crabs eat you! A horrifying carnivorous crab has clawed its way into Crab War's Halloween event, bringing fresh terror to the ferocious battle between crabs and reptiles.

Meet the Chomper Crab, a monstrous new crab with too many eyes, too many teeth, and insatiable thirst for the blood of its enemies. Collect skull fragments to summon this dangerous ally, and unleash its cruel, blood-soaked fangs upon your reptilian foes!

If that's not enough to get your crab claws clicking in excitement, check out the special Halloween Super Bundle, containing plenty of pearls, legendary conches, gems, and genes for the taking! Horror fans will also be able to dress up their Appxplore crabs for Halloween with ritualistic mask-like shells inspired by classic horror movie villains such as Pennywise from It, Jason from Friday the 13th, and Jigsaw from the Saw series.

In addition, another newfound horror lies in wait for you as a permanent addition to the world of Crab War. The cursed Skull Bug has been unearthed from the depths, and its full power will be activated on Oct 29 to bring players a whole new multiplayer challenge. Tap to surpass other players in the Skull Bug's Trial, and you may receive rewards beyond your wildest nightmares!

Can you feel your bloodlust rising? Get ready to sink your teeth into Crab War's terrifying new Halloween event today!


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