50% BULLDOG, 50% PIRANHA, 100% ADDICTIVE! Grenades in Your Tackle Box?!

Getting hooked on "Mobfish Hunter" fishing game is like shooting fish in a barrel!
Set in the year 2020, after the greedy Autocracy has stripped the world of rare Earth elements, disastrous pollution has wreaked havoc on our once-beautiful oceans. Now the world's fish have mutated into dangerous new species known as Mobfish. To combat these vicious critters, a new class of Mobfish Hunters emerged – and it's up to you to rise through their ranks. Trick-out your fishing lures with a variety of projectile and melee weapons to rid the seas of Mobfish and become a champion Hunter.


  • New power-chip system: 60 Power-Chip variations and over 50,000 combinations of playing style.
  • Four locales: Set in the Mobfish Hunter dystopia, each area includes its own species of Mobfish and challenging environmental hazards.
  • Nine Crazy Weapons: Spend the loot awarded for successful fishing expeditions to upgrade a variety of Sea-Mine lures with spinning blades, spread-shot projectiles and heat-seeking abilities.
  • Customizable Utilities: Plum the inky depths with four additional utilities that allow your Sea-Mine to sink deeper, move more quickly, and illuminate murky waters.
  • Responsive Controls: Guide your Sea-Mine fishing lure through detailed maneuvers with sensitive tilt control, sneaking between schools of Mobfish or catching them by the dozens.
  • Facebook Integration: Invite Facebook friends and compete for high scores.
  • Compatible with Game Center and Google Play for High Scores and Achievements.
  • Free to play universal app for iPad, iPhone and Android