Worlds ago, a little girl set out on her own to save the world from eternal darkness. Today, she learns that she doesn’t have to do this alone.

Award-winning developers Appxplore (iCandy) have released a massive new update for their fairytale-inspired clicker, Light a Way, introducing a guild system that includes dress crafting and pet customization! Players can now create a guild by awakening a Tree of Light. For the first time, the Guardians of Light will be able to chat with guild members, send each other their love, and join forces to take on the colossal shadow beast, the Tartarus, for incredible rewards.  

As their bonds strengthen, guild members can harvest Lightseeds and use them to craft special dresses only available in the Tree shop, including a magnificent frozen princess gown, a cheerful cherry red dress, an angelic winged robe, and more! 

The Guardian of Light herself is not the only one who gets cosmetic upgrades. This time, the magical turtle sidekick Turtie gets his very own range of colorful candy-like shells to replace his default blue flower bulb shell! Each player may display their own customized Turtie upon the branches of their Tree. 

With these new social and co-op features, Guardians of Light can now empower each other in the quest to banish the eternal night. You never walk alone - play Light a Way now and light up the world with the power of friendship! 


There's an epic crustacean celebration happening on iPhone and Android everywhere as the epic passive clicker game Crab War hit 5 million downloads and are now giving away all sorts of rewards.

If you haven't played a passive clicker before, you should take a look at the promo trailer below. It's really not all that different from a space shooter where mobs come towards you while you stay stationary and fire all sorts of lasers, only the lasers are crabs and it's amazing.

So what are these free gifts anyways? Essentially it's an opportunity to get a bunch of stronger crabs and a bunch of coins to upgrade crabs. 

There are these Majestic Shells you can earn to take advantage of a wide array of awards to power up your crabs, and this Golden Brilliance Shell that offers an exclusive event skin.

We tried out the game here at GamePress and were really surprised. It's an entirely addictive and simple game, with a lot of fun to be had as challenges increase and a surprisingly entertaining storyline. 

But don't take our word for it. Give it a shot. Burn some down time in the office or at home and let us know how you like it!


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