Mythical beasts have emerged in battle tapper Thor: War of Tapnarok! Harness the power of your small yet ferocious companions in Thor's battle against Loki's forces.

In Thor: War of Tapnarok's epic new pet system, you can collect 18 new mythical beasts, each belonging to the Fire, Ice, or Gold elements. Collecting full sets of each element will give you tremendous boosts! These are adorable, badass little creatures, such as shapely Tesseracta who holds power beyond imagination, and winged canine Buckyr who lost his left arm in servitude to a great evil, but is now loyal only to you. 

The Norse gods will bless you with a mystical egg every 4 hours, and you can choose to stack up to two of them. Once hatched, you can choose your favorite pet to stay by Thor's side and unleash an attack every 20 taps. Collect more of the same pet to level up it and unleash its true potential! In battle, there is also a chance that you'll trigger a quick time event where you have to tap in a specific pattern to unleash a special attack based on your active pet's element. 

Time to show Loki what loyalty looks like. Summon your army of faithful companions in Thor: War of Tapnarok now! 


Worlds ago, a little girl set out on her own to save the world from eternal darkness. Today, she learns that she doesn’t have to do this alone.

Award-winning developers Appxplore (iCandy) have released a massive new update for their fairytale-inspired clicker, Light a Way, introducing a guild system that includes dress crafting and pet customization! Players can now create a guild by awakening a Tree of Light. For the first time, the Guardians of Light will be able to chat with guild members, send each other their love, and join forces to take on the colossal shadow beast, the Tartarus, for incredible rewards.  

As their bonds strengthen, guild members can harvest Lightseeds and use them to craft special dresses only available in the Tree shop, including a magnificent frozen princess gown, a cheerful cherry red dress, an angelic winged robe, and more! 

The Guardian of Light herself is not the only one who gets cosmetic upgrades. This time, the magical turtle sidekick Turtie gets his very own range of colorful candy-like shells to replace his default blue flower bulb shell! Each player may display their own customized Turtie upon the branches of their Tree. 

With these new social and co-op features, Guardians of Light can now empower each other in the quest to banish the eternal night. You never walk alone - play Light a Way now and light up the world with the power of friendship! 


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