Hellopet House is an attractive simulation game for those who have immense love with pets. While playing the game, you will learn the story of the character Jane and decorate the house, take care of the pets in the house you created.

Raising and caring for pets is now a hobby for many people. However, not everyone can afford to take pets home and have enough time to take good care of them. If you still have a passion for pets, you can turn your smartphone into a pet house with the Hellopet House game app . Let's taimienphi.vn find out immediately about this game!

1. General introduction of Hellopet House

Hellopet House is an interesting pet game for Android device users. The game takes the plot from the cute little Jane, who is invited to her grandmother's house. This is a house that she always dreamed of and always wants to return to this place. However, when she came to the place, this place collapsed and she could not find her. Accordingly, when playing the game, you will decorate Jane's house very beautiful, impressive according to your imagination on the beautiful graphics of Hellopet House and experience the feeling of playing with super cute pets.

To experience the wonderful feeling that Hellopet House brings to you, download this game application now and start the game. The size of the application varies depending on the type of Android device you have.

2. The salient features of the Hellopet House application

2.1. main function

- Topical mini-games to help you discover Jane's story
- Learn stories about interesting people Jane meets
- Decorate a pet house with your room's interior and creativity
- Find hidden pets
- Take care of your pets by feeding, bathing, petting and playing with them

2.2. Pets in the game are super cute

- Discover each type of pet as you learn the story in the game
- Many lovely dogs: small dogs like Boston Terrier, Bichon Frize, Dachshund, Welsh Corgi and big dogs like Golden Retriever, Siberian Husky, Dalmatian , etc.
- Many cute cats: American Shorthair, Turkish Angora, Scottish Fold, Russian Blue, Norwegian Forest, Ragdoll and many other cute kittens

2.3. Play the addictive Tycoon style game

- Create the products your pet needs
- Time will pass while playing these addictive tycoon games.
- Various jobs like cooking, home repairs, gardening, etc. will continue to make you happy.

2.4. Change the house and the story

- Players use the stars they receive from passing each stage in the game to develop the story of the game and add furniture to the house.
- Decorate the living room, bathroom, kitchen, bedroom, study and yard to your ideal home.

Source: https://taimienphi.vn/download-hellopet-house-87595

Masketeers is a fascinating strategy game in which you will play the role of a hero who tests many different types of masks to explore the world. The developers of Masketeers are still continuing to perfect this game with the expectation of bringing a multiplayer experience and interesting gifts.

Each of us has had a mischievous childhood of mysterious masks to scare and tease others. If you want to relive that intense childhood in the 4.0 era, you can look to mobile games with beautiful graphics like Masketeers. Let's explore to understand more about this Masketeers game !

Download Masketeers

Masketeers is an interesting strategy game that will lead players to the world where players will be made mysterious masked heroes to fight the demons in society. With the leading features of Masketeers, Masketeers is not an idle game but the game gives players a familiar but completely new experience. You can engage in battles against Wraiths to discover new talents and new strategies. In addition, you can explore runes and monuments on your way to battle and you even receive the support from magic allies. Your task now is to not sleep in the dark, but grab the power and move on to victory.

Masketeers is now available on Google Play Early Access and will be on the App Store for the official release. 

Full Article in Vietnamese: https://taimienphi.vn/download-masketeers-86852

Hellopet House is a cute pet-themed game that lets you decorate a pet house while playing with cuddly animals. Developed by NANALI studios and published by AppXplore (iCandy), the game combines home design with time-management game elements. You will also be collecting pets and interacting with them. Adopt hidden pets and restore grandma’s mansion/pet house to find out the reason behind her mysterious disappearance.

While most games combine home decoration with match 3 puzzles, Hellopet House does something different. It offers a restaurant sim-style time management game that allows players to cook various lip-smacking dishes to serve pets.

Players will have to serve dishes to animals on time to complete a level. The stars earned from completing a level is then used to renovate and design the pet house. But the fun does not stop here! Players can also interact with cute animals. They can play with them, feed them and pet them. In return, animals give delicious candies that can be used to adopt more pets or purchase furniture items.

The game is in early access, but you can download it from the Google Play Store.

Full guide at: https://www.playoholic.com/hellopet-house-guide-tips-tricks-and-strategies/

Masketeers: Idle Has Fallen revolves around the supernatural abilities of masks. These bewitching visors grant extraordinary powers to ordinary humans, turning them into brave “Masketeers”. Empowered by mystical masks, these heroes have a task in hand – to fight deadly Wraiths and rescue the world from evil.  

Not all heroes wear capes. Some wear masks!  

Developed and published by Appxplore (iCandy), Masketeers is an idle role-playing game with a unique orb-based battle system. As heroes battle enemies, you will have to tap on orbs that appear on the bottom of the screen. Unlock new skills to combine orbs if you want to deal massive damage to enemies.  

On your Wraith-slashing adventure, you will discover new mask-wearing heroes who will join your team to fight the Wraiths. You will also unearth rare masks and runes, which can be equipped to heroes.  

Rare masks improve a hero’s main stats and substats. You can also equip runes to take advantage of various buffs and stat boosts during combat. You will also come across Guardians and relics that will grant perma-stats boost to heroes. Without further ado, let’s find out how to play Masketeers. 

Note: The game is in early access. Download Masketeers: Idle Has Fallen now. For participating in the early battle against Wraiths, you will receive exclusive rewards upon the game’s official release. However, all progress will reset upon the end of the early access period.  

Read the full guide at: https://www.playoholic.com/masketeers-idle-has-fallen-guide-tips-tricks-and-strategies/