Void Trooper: Sci-Fi Tapper Global Release

As the leader of the Void Troopers, grow your fleet into a formidable force and destroy all that dare threaten the peace of the universe! Fight a diverse cast of aliens as you defend against the Zurloc threat in this visually stunning idle shooter.

Following the immense success of Crab War and Light A Way comes Appxplore’s latest entry in collaboration with developers Hypernova Interactive. A space adventure that you can pick up at any time, Void Troopers lets you unleash an endless hail of projectiles and focus on the upgrading of your fleet with a simple tap.

When the enemies get overly difficult and all hope seems lost, warp back in time while bringing along time orbs to purchase crucial technologies that will change the course of history.

· TAP to dispatch the endless enemy aliens from the Void
· GROW your fleet of ships and upgrade your own
· RESEARCH game-changing new technologies
· REAP rewards by sending pilots on space expeditions
· CHALLENGE daily bosses for precious resources
· TRAVEL through time to change fate and empower your crew

Does your destiny spell doom or will you be the savior of the universe against the threats of the void? Your ship is ready Captain… step aboard and lead the Void Troopers to victory!

Source: https://fandomfare.com/2018/07/05/void-trooper-sci-fi-tapper/