Q1 2020 Updates Coming To CryptantCrab, Blockchain Game With Crabs That You Can Mutate And Battle


CryptantCrab kicks off 2020 with an update that introduces two new features and some quality of life changes set to release next week on February 17th. This comes after the success of their first Prizepool Tournament with over 50 ETH in prizes distributed to participants last year.

What is CryptantCrab?

CryptantCrab is a blockchain game where players can collect vibrant digital crabs and compete in a weekly Arena to earn tradeable rewards.

Each CryptantCrab is truly unique, coming in many forms and combinations. A crab’s unique combination of elements, parts and growth potential will determine its success in the Battle Arena. Players can “Mutate” their CryptantCrab to change its appearance, battle power, and also trade them for Ethereum on the Marketplace!

New Features: Mega Growth and Crit Combo

With this update, players can finally maximize the growth potential of their CryptantCrabs. By initiating a process called “Mega Growth”, a Full Set Crab will be able to break past their limits and increase their Growth Points (GP) by 1. You may repeat “Mega Growth” until a Crab reaches its full potential of 15 GP!

Additionally, players will able to make bigger strides in the Arena with a powerful boost from “Crit Combos”. These are combinations of crabs that will earn an extra boost of power in the Battle Arena when paired together.

Take advantage of Crit Combos and cut through your competition!

Quality of Life Changes

Players will be seeing two quality of life changes requested by the community:

  1. Arena Team slots increased, VIP Pass now grants more additional slots
  2. Crab stamina now displayed at ‘Select a Crab’ screen when editing teams

Playing CryptantCrab requires Ethereum and management of ERC721 tokens through plugins such as Metamask on a browser or wallets such as Trust.

Play now and claim your top position in the leaderboards!