CryptantCrab Is The First Malaysian Blockchain Game

Appxplore, a local maker of mobile games, has just announced a blockchain game called CryptantCrab. It’s a spinoff of its other successful title, Crab War, and will also feature PvP some time down the line. 

So what is CryptantCrab? To start, the name is a portmanteau of Crypto, mutant, and Crab, describing what you do with the game. It’s also the first of its kind in Malaysia, running on Ethereum. To start you need a cryptocurrency wallet that works with Ether.

From there, you use Ether to buy your first Crab. This is your blockchain token, and the gameplay involves growing your token in order to increase its value. This is done by gaining Cryptant, the in-game currency. The currency can either be bought outright, or gained via battles.

Once you have Cryptant, you can then use it to mutate one of three parts of the Crab – the left pincer, right pincer, or the legs. The Crab’s body is the exception as it cannot be mutated. Each one will have one of five colours, representing their elemental alignment, which can make battles a more complex game of rock-paper-scissors rather than just raw numbers.

When you’re satisfied with your Crabs, you can then decide if you want to keep them or sell them for Ether. All the factors above can play a role in determining the value of your Crab. For example, having a Crab with matching sets of limbs will yield higher value, as will a crab with long wins streaks. All this, compounded with the fluctuating value of Ether, will determine your actual payout.

The game is not set to officially launch until later in the year. If you’re keen to give the game a try though, there will be limited-time offers and pre-sales events where you can get Crabs and Cryptants at a discount. These will take place from now until the official launch of the game. Until then, its website would be the best place to find out more about it.