Appxplore and BloodGo: Uniting Gamers to Save Lives!

Appxplore is collaborating with BloodGo to reach out to gamers across all borders to make a difference in saving lives.

BloodGo is a real-time blood donation and request network that connects people-in-need with speciality blood. Those in need of speciality blood for a relative or friend can submit a blood request which will notify donors of that specific blood type. This connects the correct potential donors to the situation and increases the efficiency and speed in which a life can be saved.

You can join BloodGo as a donor and become a part of this worldwide Blood Donation Guild to help those in need. Join Appxplore and BloodGo as they reach out to the global gamer audience in their recruitment efforts. The blood that runs through your veins can save lives!

Join the Global Blood Donor Guild today!