Appxplore Games, a mobile game development studio based in Kuala Lumpur, have released their new game, Light a Way, where players will be tasked to fight the emerging darkness that is consuming the world.

Light a Way is 2-D side-scrolling action RPG with unique and refreshing visuals. The players will play as the little girl a.k.a the Guardian of Light, who must use her light powers against the forces of darkness. Though she will not be alone, because players can collect Lumi, cute, little luminous creatures, that aid the Guardian in combat.

Players can collect several Lumis to help chip away at the monster's health with over 30 Lumis to collect or can equip Staffs of Light with Lightstone combination for more damages. The game has a fair amount of RPG elements that will allow players leveling up or collecting items to help make them the most powerful Guardian of Light.

Light a Way is a visually appealing game starring a cast of adorable critters, lively cartoony backgrounds and lights up like the Fourth of July.

The game is currently out for Android and iOS.


iCandy Interactive Limited (ASX:ICI) is pleased to announce that its subsidiary Appxplore has been awarded a "Top Developer" badge on the Google Play store.

Awarded by the Google Play editorial staff, the Top Developer badge recognizes "established, respected developers for their commitment to launching high-quality and innovative apps on Android."

Founded in 2011, Appxplore focuses on providing high-quality and original mobile game IPs. To date, Appxplore has developed and published five world-class mobile games - Alien Hive, Mobfish Hunter, Sporos, Caveboy Escape and Lightopus on two major platforms – Apple iTunes and Google Play.

Appxplore has announced their upcoming games - Crab War, Alien Path and Carneyvale available in Q1 2016.

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