Crab War FAQ


How can I reset my mutations?

By tapping on the mutation image it will show you more details of the mutation. This includes an option to extract that specific mutation at the cost of some pearls.
The more mutations you have the higher the pearl cost.

What is the Ecdysis and how come I lost all my progress?

The Ecdysis gets you back to the start without your crab and queen upgrades in exchange for valuable DNA to purchase incredible mutations. These mutations will help your crabs obtain more power to push even further!

My skills are not refreshing?

Your skills will not refresh if you are out of the game and not connected to the internet to prevent cheating. Simply connect to the internet and your skills will refresh accordingly.

How do I get Pearls, DNA, Gems and Genes?

Can be obtained by using the Ecdysis or Super Ecdysis after reaching Crab Level 650 and also evolving your crabs.

Can be obtained through the Daily Wildebeast and as Tournament rewards.

Can only be obtained through Tournaments every Wednesday & Saturday.

Can be obtained through Butterflies, Daily Wildebeast, Tournaments and Completing Achievements.

Can I reset my progress?

There is currently no function to reset your progress.


There are no Ads and they sometimes don’t load.

Advertisements are determined by the advertisers separately in each respective region and some regions may get less advertisements then others. You could try restarting your device and this may sometimes refresh the number of ads you can watch.

Stuck loading

There are a few issues that might get you stuck on the loading screen and you could attempt the following fixes.

1. You might have an unstable connection, try using an alternative internet connection to see if you are able to connect to the game.
2. Your Google Play Services might also be outdated, try updating your Google Play Services to the latest version.
3. There might be some issues with the cached files on your device, try clearing the cache on both Google Play and Crab War.
4. Your device might have same pending updates that are required, update your device and try loading Crab War again.

If you are still unable to load the game, please provide us more details such as your Country, Location and Internet Service provider in the support form provided.

The game keeps getting errors when I try to install.

It is possible your device might not have enough space. Double check if there is enough storage space on your device. There are sometimes issues with SD cards and installation so it is best if your device itself has enough storage for the game.


I’ve purchased the Appxplore Pack but I did not receive it.

It is possible that the purchase may have been pending. You can attempt to restore purchases.
Step 1 : Go to the Shop Tab in Crab War
Step 2 : Scroll to the bottom and Tap the "Restore Purchases" button
This should restore all unreceived purchases.

I have been charged but haven’t received my purchase.

Do provide us with additional information including receipts, Crab War ID (from the settings page) by filling out our form.


What are Tournaments and how do I join them?

The Tournaments start on Saturdays and Wednesdays 00:00 GMT and have a 24 hour registration window. Joining a tournament causes you to Ecdysis and start at 0m with 24 hours to reach the furthest possible distance.

Why is my progress is not updating during the tournament?

Every player that join the tournament room is given 24 hours to progress.
At the end of your 24 hours it will record your furthest distance and you will have to wait for other players to complete their own 24 hours before the tournament ends. 
If you still within your own 24 hours it will show "Tournament Ends In", if it has ended it will show "Waiting for other players to end"